Kaloud: Lotus 3 (Aluminium)

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Color: SIlver
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Kaloud has sought to improve on the Lotus 1+ in every way possible and we believe they've accomplished that mission. Time to Elevate Your Clouds™.

This Lotus® III is made from high grade aluminium. There are now newly added sleek, built-in handles, for the lid and base which offer smooth rotation allows for easy heat management and removal of the Lotus III from your Samsaris or other Hookah Bowl.



  1. Weight: 130g
  2. Dimensions: 11cm top (with handle) x 7.5cm bottom diameter x 4.8cm height
  3. Material: High Grade Aluminium


Top Tips

  1. Never preheat your Kaloud Lotus 3.
  2. We advise when packing your bowl with shisha that it is around 2-3mm below the rim and that the Kaloud Lotus 3 does not touch your shisha. You do not want your shisha to burn, you want to cook it like an oven.

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