MIG: G63 V2

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Quality that has prevailed! This is the brand new MIG G63 V2.

MIG have set new standards in the larger profile hookahs and within the catering industry, which have proven themselves to this day. With the new MIG G36 V2 are continuing this successful concept with a modern design, solid construction and no frills.

Proven Worldwide. Popular all over the world. The MIG G36 V2 has not only proven itself as a national bestseller, but is also popular internationally.

The name says it all, the 360° all-round carefree hookah. Due to the high stability and an optimally set center of gravity, the MIG G36 V2 offers an optimal hold and a comfortable and efficient handling, whether in the catering trade or at home.

With the large profile hookah it has a down stem for increased airflow for those easy and enjoyable sessions.


Technical Specifications

  • Material: V2A Stainless Steel & Bohemian Crystal Glass
  • Height: Approximately 52cm
  • Height with Plus Extender: Approximately 72cm
  • Width: Approximately 23cm
  • Weight: Approximately 4KG

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