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With the MIG TRADI V2A hookah, MIG were inspired by the design of centuries-old oriental smoking tradition. MIG have combined this design with the most modern German engineering and the beautiful glass design of the masters from Bohemia. This hookah thus forms the perfect symbiosis between tradition and high-tech.

All MIG TRADI models are equipped with a closed chamber system, which enables the entire smoke to be blown out of the bowl.

For the MIG TRADI S V2A hookah is your TRADI for on the go. It is even more compact than the MIG TRADI M V2A and just as valuable and robust. As the name suggests, this TRADI is made from the best V2A stainless steel in Germany and offers you the typical MIG TRADI pull-through that is so highly valued by our customers.

The base integrates perfectly into the design of the smoke column thanks to the hand-painted ornaments and gives the MIG TRADI S V2A the typical oriental look that also characterises its larger brothers.

Comes in two (2) sizes. All sizes come with the DC Silver Vase/ Base. Other images are for illustration purposes only. All accessories come separately.


Top Tips

The base/ vase may only be cleaned by hand and with lukewarm water. Please never clean in the dishwasher or with hot water! Risk of injury!

Technical Specifications


  • Material: V2A Stainless Steel & Bohemian Crystal Glass
  • Height: Approximately 36cm
  • Width: Approximately 20cm
  • Weight: Approximately 2KG


  • Material: V2A Stainless Steel & Bohemian Crystal Glass
  • Height: Approximately 45cm
  • Width: Approximately 16cm
  • Weight: Approximately 4KG

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