Quasar RAAS 2

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The Quasar Raas 2 is the ultimate choice for an incomparable experience. Designed with high-end materials and cutting-edge technology.

Key Features

  • Same, Better: 3.5mm taller, the Quasar RASS 2 can now accommodate 27mm coals for those who enjoy a more intense heat. The exchanger makes way for a whole new system, under the bowl, that improves the air-flow and performance. The redesigned elements and the new anthracite grey paint provide greater durability. If you liked the Quasar Raas 1, you're going to love the Quasar Raas 2.

  • Revolutionary Air Management: The Quasar RASS 2 integrates innovative air flow technology, based on a complex system of paths where hot and cold intertwine. This sophisticated design generates stunning performance and faithfully reproduces the flavours for an intensely striking experience.

  • Exceptional Regulation: The double wall device retains the heat at the heart of the system, ensuring self-regulated thermal management. The coals burn slowly, offering an extended session duration. The controlled thermal power ensures uniform combustion without any taste alteration.

  • Iconic Aesthetics: The Quasar RAAS 2 seamlessly merges aesthetics and functionality in a futuristic design that reflects the essence of the brand. The ingenious design and choice of materials with remarkable properties ensure ease of use in daily life and reliability over time.


Key Attributes

  • Self-Regulated Heating
  • Air Flow System
  • Session Up To 2h
  • 2-3 Coals 25 to 27mm
  • Bowl Capacity 18 to 25g
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Durable Coating
  • Compatible Connector

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