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Experience the ultimate in premium hookah smoking with Shishabucks' modern anodised aluminium desk-size hookah. Featuring square acrylic base with 4-corner purge and premium components, this hookah supports up to 2 hoses simultaneously.

Product Highlights

  1. All metal parts are made from aluminium using CNC machining, sandblasting and anodising.
  2. Aluminium is considered a premium material for hookah as it cannot rust and is relatively light.
  3. Each hookah is carefully assembled by hand, to ensure exceptional product quality.



  1. Hookah Weight: 2.3kg (5.1 lbs)
  2. Hookah Size: 40.5cm x 13cm x 13cm (16’’ x 5’’ x 5’’)
  3. Tray Size: 16cm x 16cm (6.25’’ x 6.25’’)
  4. Hose length: 1.5m (59’’)
  5. Bolts and hardware: Stainless steel SS-316
  6. Hose Material: Soft Matte Washable Silicone


Package Content

  1. Anodized Aluminum Hookah
  2. Acrylic Water Base Container
  3. Hose with 1-piece Aluminum Handle
  4. Screw-in Aluminum Diffuser with purge lock
  5. Silicone Grommet for bowls of various shapes


Cleaning Instructions

  1. This hookah is extremely easy to clean with warm water and soap.
  2. For cleaning very strong flavors use water mixed with lemon juice and/or baking soda.
  3. Harsh cleaning chemicals like dishwasher tablets should not be used on anodised aluminium as they can ruin the anodised finish.


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