Shishabucks: Stratus HMD

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Material: Regular (Die Cast Aluminium)
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The Stratus Heat Management Device regulates the transfer of heat from the hookah coals to the shisha tobacco. This partners perfectly with the Shishabucks: Sky Bowls.

Features innovative locking mechanism that assists in the safe movement of hot coals.

The Premium Version is made from solid block of Aluminium using CNC cutting tools and has clear anodising coat finish.

The Regular Version is made from Die Cast Aluminium with Chrome finish.

Locking Mechanism: now you can move your heat manager device with hot coals inside using the handle. The lock activates with the slight turn of the cover. The locking mechanism provides easy de-ashing. Vents on the top, windows on the sides plus holes on the bottom provide a wide range of heat regulation. 3D circles at the bottom of the core prevent coals from dying out from lack of oxygen.
Silicone handle: very sturdy and manageable even in the middle of the session.


Product Specification

  1. Weight: 150 grams (0.3 lbs)
  2. Diameter: 7.5cm (2.9″)
  3. Height: 3.7cm (1.45″)
  4. Handle Length: 3cm (1.18″)
  5. Materials: 7000-series aluminium with anodising coating and heat-resistant silicone handle


Package Contents

  • Two-piece Heat Management device (top and bottom)
  • Do not pre-heat on the stove. Doing this, will damage the device and void the warranty.


Cleaning Instructions

  1. Stratus is extremely easy to clean with warm water and soap.
  2. Harsh cleaning chemicals like dishwasher tablets should not be used on anodised aluminium as they can ruin the anodised finish.


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