Steamulation: Carbon Cooling Diffuser

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The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser is another fascinating innovation from Steamulation and takes smoking behavior to a new level.

The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser combines numerous functions in its compact design that enhance and optimise shisha enjoyment in a unique way. The functions are diverse:

  • The tobacco head is cooled by 4 purge valves, the blow-out volume and response behavior are adjustable.
  • 10-way length-adjustable immersion tube.
  • Diffuser with 16 air nozzles and self-cleaning effect.
  • Diffuser valve that prevents the water column from rising in the dip tube.
  • Integrated molasses catcher, container body made of real carbon.

The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser is compatible with all current Steamulation models.

Cooling Function

Cooling of the tobacco through 4 purge valves, which allow the smoke column to be blown out. Blow-out volume and response behavior are adjustable.
Conventional blow-out systems allow the bowl to be blown out, but not the smoke column. Stale smoke remains in the smoke column, which should not be inhaled on the next puff. The cooling diffuser solves this task perfectly. It directs a defined portion of the blow-out air directly above the water surface from the bowl into the smoke column and allows the entire smoke column to be blown out. Cooling air is also directed to the tobacco head. The tobacco temperature can be lowered in a targeted manner for the first time. The smoking pleasure is increased. Replaceable purge valve balls* allow the response behavior and blow-out volume to be individually adjusted. The discharge pressure controls the valves. The user decides for himself what proportion of the air is blown out directly from the bowl or from the smoke column.

Balls Supplied

  • White plastic balls: fast response, cooling effect is enhanced
  • V4A balls silver: late response behavior, cooling effect is reduced
  • The balls can be exchanged. The cooling diffuser holds a total of 4 balls. These can be mixed together, for example:
    • 4 plastic balls = maximum cooling effect
    • 2 plastic balls + 2 V4A balls = medium cooling effect
    • 4 V4A balls = minimal cooling effect

10-Way Length-Adjustable Immersion Tube

The feature known from the ProX is integrated into the cooling diffuser and is therefore also available for other models – gone are the days when the immersion tube had a fixed length! With the Steamulation Dip Tube Control, you can easily adjust the length of the dip tube in 10 stages! This adjusts the draught and tightening.

Diffuser with 16 Air Nozzles & Self-Cleaning Effect

16 air nozzles reduce the air noise and ensure a smooth intake without reducing the draught. The diffuser valve flushes the diffuser This self-cleaning effect always guarantees optimum draught, even with very intensive and prolonged use.
Diffuser valve that prevents the water column from rising in the dip tube.
The diffuser valve is floatable and prevents the water column in the dip tube from rising and water from entering the molasses trap. (Valve cannot be dismantled)

Water-Cooled Molasses Catcher

A molasses trap is integrated in the cooling diffuser. The integrated molasses trap is protected and is surrounded by water. This additionally cools the smoke in the molasses catcher. Made from real carbon.

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