Steamulation: Xpansion Mini Carbon

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Color: Matt Black
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The Steamulation Xpansion Mini is the absolute high-end product in its class and a leader in both features and quality!

Product Details

  • Weight: 3.4KG
  • Dimensions: 188mm x 188mm x 286mm


Xpansion Technology (Top Feature!)

Steamulation has revolutionized the common thread lock with the SteamClick 360! Now comes the next revolution! We revolutionize the conventional plug-in hookah system with the Xpansion technology. In conventional plug-in hookah, the base and the bowl are often connected with a seal either tight or loose. Because each bowl is different, the base and bowl almost never fit perfectly together! With the Steamulation Xpansion technology, this changes. By turning the Xpansion-ring, the seal simply increases or decreases in size. It eXpands! This makes your Xpansion hookah fit any glass perfectly!


Ground Joint Adapter

The Steamulation Xpansion has a ground joint hose adapter. It also has a ground joint smoke column adapter, instead of a thread.


High Flow System

In the Steamulation Xpansion Mini, every component has been optimized in terms of flow – which is noticeable in a great airflow and smoking experience!


Steamulation Cooling Diffusor (Unique in this class!)

The Steamulation Xpansion Mini is the entry into the Steamulation world and a real Steamulation hookah. It is therefore also compatible with the Cooling Diffuser, which combines countless features! Cooling of the tobacco head by four purge valves, while blowout quantity and response are adjustable. A 10-position length-adjustable dip tube, diffuser with 16 air nozzles and self-cleaning effect. Including a diffuser valve to prevent the water column from rising in the dip tube. Integrated molasses catcher and body made of real carbon!


X-Blow Off Basic Technology (Unique in this class!)

The Steamulation Xpansion Mini features the basic versions of the X-Blow Off system. The Blow Off system can be adjusted while smoking – letting you change the blow off. The X-Blow Off adapter can be used here both above the base and below the plate. In addition, the plate Blow Off, which can be activated or deactivated at any time by simply turning. This results in 14 different Blow Off options. Furthermore, there is an upgrade option to a second X-Blow Off adapter, bringing the total number of options even to 31! Steamulation is the pioneer and inventor of this technology!


Dip Tube Control (Unique in this class!)

The Steamulation Xpansion Mini has a shortened version of the Dip Tube Control. With the Dip Tube Control, you can determine the length of the dip tube yourself in 6 steps. By shortening or lengthening, you can further adjust the draft and the smoking experience of your hookah. Hereby you can individualize the smoking behavior like in no other hookah. By flipping the lower dip tube element can be smoked both with and without diffuser. This feature is particularly ingenious, as it allows the Xpansion Mini to adapt to the different glass sizes and glass shapes, those plug-in glasses bring!


Steamulation – Made in Germany

Steamulation is known for the highest quality and production standards on the market. The metal parts of the Xpansion Mini are also manufactured exclusively in our German production facilities (glass and sleeve are excluded). This sets the Xpansion Mini apart from all comparable products in its class, which are usually produced in Asia.

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