Kraft: Mouthpiece - Titanium Rainbow

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Color: Grey
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Welcome to the Exclusive Experience by Kraft Studio.

Established with the aim of bringing affordable luxurious products to the hookah community! Offers a unique experience and that does not compromise when it comes to quality whilst using some of the best materials.

A beautiful and well crafted mouthpiece that is very appealing to the eye that will give you great performance with it's wide gauge for airflow.

A mouthpiece that every hookah and shisha enthusiast must have!


Available in;

  • Crackled Black
  • Titanium Rainbow
  • Titanium Gold


Additional Information

  • Comes in a gift box.
  • Each mouthpiece has own unique serial number.
  • 100% Food Grade & Handmade Epoxy
  • Titanium Coated V2A stainless Steel - Rust Proof/ Food Safe

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