MIG: Royal Phunnel Bowls

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Color: Black
سعر البيع110.00 SAR

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The MIG Royal Phunnel hookah bowl not only looks perfect on your MIG Shisha, it is also very easy to build and smoke. Simply fill in tobacco, put on our MIG RAZR, insert coals and have fun.

The MIG Royal hookah bowl is optimised for our MIG RAZR attachment and can also only be smoked with the MIG RAZR lid and aluminum foil. Depending on how you prefer it. However, most commercially available HMDs also fit on our MIG ROYAL.

Technical Attributes

Material: Coated Clay
Height: Approx. 11 cm
Inner Diameter for HMD: Approx. 66 mm
Recommended Amount of Shisha Tobacco: Approx. 14g to 18g

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