Steamulation: Carbon Tube/ Downstem

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Color: Matt Black
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The Carbon Tube/ Downstems are made from high-quality carbon and high-grade V2A stainless steel. The 2 ends of the dip tube are made of stainless steel to guarantee maximum durability of the thread and optimum weight reduction.

In addition to the bowl and the smoke column, the weight of the Tube/ Downstem is usually underestimated. With our new carbon immersion pipes, you can give your Steamulation hookah a significant weight difference.

Combined with all carbon accessories, the weight of your Steamulation hookah is reduced even further and the high-quality appearance is retained. The center section of the dip tubes is made entirely of robust and lightweight premium carbon, and adds an incomparably modern look to your shisha.

Technical Information

  • Material: V2A Stainless Steel & Carbon
  • Thread: M16X1.5
  • Length: 185mm
  • Width: 20mm

Key Features

  1. Advanced Carbon Construction: The Steamulation Carbon Dip Tube Classic is meticulously crafted from high-grade carbon fiber, combining lightweight durability with exceptional heat resistance. This premium material ensures optimal airflow and heat management for a consistently smooth and flavorful smoking experience.

  2. Enhanced Smoke Flow: Engineered with precision-cut perforations, the dip tube allows for optimal smoke diffusion, resulting in dense clouds and rich flavor profiles with every pull. Experience the perfect balance of airflow restriction and smoke density, creating an immersive hookah session like no other.

  3. Sleek & Stylish Design: Elevate your hookah setup with the sleek and minimalist design of the Carbon Dip Tube Classic. Its contemporary aesthetic and streamlined silhouette add a touch of sophistication to any hookah, making it a statement piece for discerning enthusiasts.

  4. Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit most hookah models with ease, the Carbon Dip Tube Classic seamlessly integrates into your existing setup without the need for additional modifications. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, this accessory is the perfect addition to your collection.

  5. Easy Installation & Maintenance: With its user-friendly design, installing and maintaining the Carbon Dip Tube Classic is a breeze. Simply attach it to your hookah stem and enjoy hassle-free sessions without worrying about complicated setups or maintenance routines.

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