Steamulation: Heat Management System

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The world’s only variably adjustable heat management system with eight different heat levels to regulate the distance between charcoal and tobacco!

The new Steamulation Heat Management Syste, allows the user to adjust the glowing coal higher (=cooler) or lower (=warmer) by simply turning the lower silicone ring through eight different distance settings.

The Steamulation HMS is the only flexible system that allows individual settings, depending on your personal preferences (more or less heat) as well as the shisha set-up used and various tobacco characteristics (e.g. heat tolerance), in order to achieve a maximum smoking experience!

Heat Regulation

The Steamulation HMS is the world’s fastest and most precisely adjustable HMS!
The air flow through the side air ducts is adjusted at the same time as the distance,
resulting in the fastest and most precise heat control on the market.

Even Heat Distribution

The cylindrical shape and optimised air flow of the Steamulation HMS results in balanced heating of the tobacco. The even heat output of the Steamulation HMS leads to an intense flavor of different tobacco varieties as well as longer smoking pleasure, and can be used with one, two or three coals!


The Steamulation Heat Management is equipped with an aluminum adapter ring. This makes it compatible with a greater number of different heads than any other heat management system and can be used with almost all clay heads, phunnels and many more.

Patent Pending/ Made in Germany by Steamulation

The Heat Management System is manufactured 100% in Germany and is patent pending and registered as a utility model. DE202019100556U1

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