Steamulation: Mini Generation 2

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The Mini!

Feel the greatness! The Steamulation Mini will impress you with its quality, design and perfect functionality in the smallest Steamulation format.

Small Hookah, Great Emotions! 

Steamulation's 2nd generation Mini combines incredible airflow, timeless design and innovative functions in their smallest hookah available.   

Be inspired by the Mini, at home, in a lounge or on the go.


  1. 1 x Steamulation Mini Generation 2
  2. 1 x Hose Adapter
  3. 1 x Steamulation Plug Gasket



  1. Weight: 2.3KG
  2. Dimensions: 39cm Height
  3. Colour: Clear Base/ Vase
  4. Generation: 2
  5. Accessory Compatibility;
    1. X Blow Off +: Yes
    2. Cooling Diffuser: Yes
    3. Cooling Control: Yes
    4. Sleeve Size: Small
  6. Connections: 1 Hose


Unparalleled draught – with a measured draught resistance of 127 PA, the Mini Generation 2 is one of the hookahs with the lightest airflow ever. (100 Pascal corresponds to approx. 1cm water column in the dip tube).

Compact Size

Thanks to its height of 39 cm, a glass diameter of 17.5 cm and a weight of 2.3 kg, the Mini fits anywhere – whether on the coffee table, a bar counter or in your bag for travelling. The Mini is your faithful companion when it comes to maximised hookah indulgence in a compact format.

SteamClick 360

The Mini is equipped with the fastest and most convenient hookah closure in the world – open and close it in a fraction of a second! For the easiest handling and maximum longevity.

Plug Bowl Option

Experience maximum flexibility and unlimited customisation options! Thanks to the special steamulation gasket included in the scope of delivery, which is perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the Mini, you also have the option of using your Mini with any plug-in bowl in common standard sizes (inner glass diameter 44,5-47mm). Without any extra charge or additional adapters.

Quality & Design

You don’t compromise when it comes to quality and design? Neither does the Mini.

Elegantly shaped V2A stainless steel with delicate, finely milled decorative rings and a unique glass design with brilliant colours and exciting finishes result in unique shisha enjoyment. Made in Germany to fulfil your highest expectations.

Dip Tube Control

The second generation of the Steamulation Mini includes the popular Dip Tube Control feature. This allows you to conveniently adjust the length of the dip tube and adapt it perfectly to your favourite bowl or your desired water level. 


With the diffuser integrated in the dip tube, you can enjoy a pleasant and quiet smoking experience. However, if you prefer to smoke without a diffuser, you can simply turn the end of the dip tube around and deactivate the diffuser function.

Head & Cone Adapter

The head adapter of the Mini has a ribbed surface for an extra firm hold of the tobacco head, regardless of the head, seal or molasses. The cone adapter with 18/8 joint can be easily removed together with the plate. It offers you maximum stability without shaking and does not need to be screwed on.

Hose Adapter

The ground hose adapter can be inserted and removed with just one hand movement, without the need for a seal.


The Steamulation Mini [Generation 2] is compatible with Steamulation accessories such as the X-Blow Off+, “small” size sleeves, the Cooling Diffuser and the Cooling Control Adapter. Any accessories that were compatible with the Pro X Mini [Generation 1] can also be used with the new Mini.

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