Steamulation: Pro X Mini

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The Steamulation Pro X Mini is now officially launched in KSA!

The most advanced and fastest hookah closure system in the world. 15 different blow offs adjustable during smoking. Additional 5 blow offs for conversion. Cooling diffuser compatibility to cool your tobacco head. All this in the smallest and most compact Steamulation ever. Absolute premium class. In Mini.

Scope of Delivery

  • Steamulation Pro X Mini Shisha
  • Steamulation Pro X Mini Hose Adapter


Steamulation SteamClick 360

The Steamulation Pro X Mini is the perfect entry into the world of Steamulation. Like all other Steamulation models, the Pro X Mini is equipped with the most advanced, fastest and most comfortable shisha closure system in the world, which is very complex in production.


Steamulation X-Blow Off Compatibility

With the Steamulation Prime Pro X, Steamulation is the pioneer of adjustable blow-off systems without conversion. The Steamulation Pro X Mini heralds the next generation of Steamulation Blow Off systems and is the first Steamulation model to be pre-equipped for it. The Steamulation X-Blow Off Technology! Unique in the world, this system allows you to adjust the blow off while smoking without conversion. Simply fascinating! With this technology 15 different blow off combinations are possible!


Steamulation Blow Off Compatibility

In addition to the X-Blow Off, the Steamulation Pro X Mini is also compatible with the existing Blow Off adapters, allowing for at least five additional Blow Offs as well as compatibility with future adapters.


Steamulation Cooling Diffuser Compatibility

The Steamulation Pro X Mini is compatible with the Steamulation Cooling Diffuser. The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser combines numerous features in its compact design to uniquely enhance and optimize shisha enjoyment. The functions are manifold:

  • Cooling of the tobacco head by 4 purge valves, discharge volume and response are adjustable.
  • 10-fold length-adjustable dip tube.
  • Diffuser with 16 air nozzles and self-cleaning effect.
  • Diffuser valve that prevents the water column from rising in the dip tube.
  • Integrated molasses trap and body made of real carbon.

Steamulation Perfect Airflow & Advanced Closed Chamber System

The Steamulation Pro X Mini is compact in size, but big on smoking characteristics! When smoking the Steamulation Pro X Mini, you’ll notice an almost resistance-free smoke on both the draw and blow off.

Adjustable Diffuser

The diffuser of the Pro X Mini is adjustable in 3 levels – just the way you like it!

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